Summer internship position at Sigrid Therapeutics

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Summer internship position at Sigrid Therapeutics

Sigrid Therapeutics (Sigrid) is an award-winning, clinical-stage biotech company developing porous silica particles for the reduction of blood sugar and weight control in people at risk of developing diabetes. Sigrid is currently scaling up its material for commercial scale and CE-mark filing. The intern we are seeking has at minimum a PhD and preferably a PostDoc. The position is based at Stockholm University and Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

Project description

The main objective during the 3-months internship is to run in-vitro experiments focusing on enzyme inhibition in particular lipase and amylase. The successful applicant will perform experiments with existing methods as well as taking own initiatives to further refine and improve these methods. The project work is carried out within the team but the applicant needs to be independent and take own initiative as well as having the ability to prioritize. The project goal is to establish an improved amylase and lipase in-vitro assay, measured in terms of robustness and sensitivity, to be used as release specification criteria for CE-marking of final product.

Learning Opportunities

Building beyond academic knowledge, the intern will gain a unique perspective on the inner workings of a biotech start-up company. We also hope to give insights into strategic thinking, leadership and career opportunities within industrial research and development. The intern will participate in the company group meetings with management and as such be exposed to commercial discussions and considerations concerning the project. This is an opportunity for the intern to become an integral part of the project team and to develop a sense of business acumen. Upon completion of the internship programme, Sigrid Therapeutics is open to discuss long-term job opportunities.

Candidate Profile

The intern should be enrolled in a PhD program/have completed a PhD in biosciences or equivalent scientific education. Excellent English language skills, both written and spoken, are a requisite. You should also be accustomed to use MS Office and similar applications in the Windows environment. Experience from working with electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN) is a plus.

Estimated timeframe
June-August with flexible starting and end date including vacation. Please send a resume and cover letter to Eric Johnston, latest 15th of May 2020. Interviews will be on-going.

Contact: Eric Johnston, Chief Operating Officer,Sigrid Therapeutics
E-mail: eric@sigridthx.com
Address: Fogdevreten 2, 171 65, Solna, Sweden
Phone: 072-146 47 46

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