Dr. Jeanha Baek, Ph.D.

Head of Preclinical Development

Dr. Baek comes with a strong background in translational medical research with an extensive experience in both in vitro and in vivo analyses. Her research interests have always been related to human diseases and finding novel therapies for the diseases that do not currently have a cure.

After receiving a doctoral degree in neuropharmacology at the University of Otago, New Zealand, Dr. Baek continued her research at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, for many years. Her research focused on how the brain is affected in different types of diseases such as progeria and dementia. In 2017, Dr. Baek became an Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institute and dived into Parkinson’s disease research where she worked with post-mortem human brain.

Dr. Baek worked at various research groups in different institutions across the world, which enabled her to have a broad research experience at all levels from cells to animals, and to humans.


2011, PhD in Pharmacology
University of Otago, New Zealand

2005, BSc. (Honors 1st Class) in Pharmacology
University of Otago, New Zealand