Exercise is good for everyone, but if you have or are the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, there are certain forms of exercise that are more beneficial than others.

Research has shown that people with type 2 diabetes benefit greatly from aerobic and resistance trainings. Some of these benefits include improvements in glycemic control, insulin resistance, fat mass, blood pressure, strength, and lean body mass. 

The American Diabetes Association has written a position paper recommending the following regarding physical activity for people with type 2 diabetes:

  • Daily exercise, or at least not allowing more than two days to pass between exercise sessions, is recommended to enhance insulin action.
  • Adults with type 2 diabetes should ideally perform both aerobic and resistance exercise training for optimal glycemic and health outcomes.
  • Children and adolescents with type 2 diabetes should be encouraged to meet the same physical activity goals set for youth in general.
  • To prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes for those at high risk and with prediabetes, a structured schedule with at least 150 minutes/week of physical activity is recommended, along with dietary changes resulting in weight loss of 5%–7%.

Reference: Physical Activity/Exercise and Diabetes: A Position 

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