Sigrid Therapeutics® is pioneering a new class of therapies to prevent and treat lifestyle diseases safely and effectively

Novel materials for human health

Sigrid Therapeutics® has developed a novel materials platform technology, SiPore™, that targets a range of metabolic diseases and disorders in completely new ways. Solutions based on the SiPore™ technology work exclusively in the gut and are not absorbed by the body. The Company has since 2008 built significant know-how relating to the design and development of highly engineered silica based particles for applications in metabolic health. Our material expertise combined with our in-depth knowledge of human metabolism and physiology, enables us to create completely new, patentable silica based compounds to prevent and treat lifestyle disease more safely than existing solutions on the market.


Breakthrough medical device

Clinical trials


Can lead to serious medical conditions


Exciting pipeline of potential products

Our vision is to become the leading materials development Company for human health. We are passionate about combining biological mechanisms with cutting-edge chemistry to develop a new class of materials which can safely and effectively improve human health.

Professor Tore BengtssonCo-founder, CSO & Inventor