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Discover Sigrid’s innovation towards a safe and reliable solution for prediabetes.

Towards mesoporous silica as a pharmaceutical treatment for obesity – impact on lipid digestion and absorption

Kellie L. May, Anna C. Pham, Gisela Ramirez, Carmen Herrera-Hidalgo,
Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Ghislaine Robert-Nicoud, Andrew J. Clulow, Tore Bengtsson, & Ben J. Boyd

05 February 2022 | European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics


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Engineered mesoporous silica reduces long-term blood glucose, HbA1c, and improves metabolic parameters in prediabetics

Jeanha Baek, Ghislaine Robert-Nicoud, Carmen Herrera Hidalgo, Melissa L Borg, Muhammad N Iqbal, Roger Berlin, Maria Lindgren, Erik Waara, Anna Udde ́n, Kirsi Pietila ̈inen & Tore Bengtsson

02 December 2021 | Nanomedicine 

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Oral intake of mesoporous silica is safe and well tolerated in male humans

Emilia Hagman, Amira Elimam, Natalia Kupferschmidt, Kerstin Ekbom, Stephan Rössner, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Eric Johnston, Maria Lindgren, Tore Bengtsson, Pernilla Danielsson

02 October 2020 | PLOS One

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Entrapping Digestive Enzymes with Engineered Mesoporous Silica Particles Reduces Metabolic Risk Factors in Humans

Erik R. Waara, Muhammad N. Iqbal, Ghislaine Robert-Nicoud, Boubacar Benziane, Helen Vallhov, Agata M. Wasik, Maria Lindgren, Emilia Hagman, Mia Rinde, Natalia Kupferschmidt, Roger Berlin, Eric V. Johnston, Pernilla Danielsson, and Tore Bengtsson

30 April 2020 | Advanced Healthcare Materials

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Mesoporous silica with precisely controlled pores reduces food efficiency and suppresses weight gain in mice

Mia Rinde, Natalia Kupferschmidt, Muhammad Naeem Iqbal, Ghislaine Robert-Nicoud, Eric V Johnston, Maria Lindgren & Tore Bengtsson

14 January 2020 | Nanomedicine

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Large pore mesoporous silica induced weight loss in obese mice

Natalia Kupferschmidt, Robert I Csikasz, Lluís Ballell, Tore Bengtsson, Alfonso E Garcia-Bennett

10 September 2014 | Nanomedicine

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Engineered silica particles reduce HbA1c in persons with prediabetes

Johnston, E., Iqbal, N., Robert-Nicoud, G., Lindgren, M., Rollman Waara, E., Udden, A., Pietilänen, K., and Bengtsson, T.

2020 | American Diabetes Association

Engineered Silica Particles Work as a Molecular Sieve and Reduce Metabolic Risk Factors in Obese Male Volunteers

Lindgren. M., Rollman Waara E., Benziane B., Vallhov, H., Iqbal, N., Johnston, E. and Bengtsson, T.

2019 | American Diabetes Association